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Pitter-patter by MiyaginoAsakura Pitter-patter :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 0 0 Draw this Again! Meme: IA by MiyaginoAsakura Draw this Again! Meme: IA :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 6 0 Let's Keep It A Secret by MiyaginoAsakura Let's Keep It A Secret :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 10 2 Cherry Blossoms by MiyaginoAsakura Cherry Blossoms :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 6 0 Seize the Day by MiyaginoAsakura Seize the Day :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 1 0 Hetalia Online by MiyaginoAsakura Hetalia Online :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 0 0 The US yuUKei Quartet by MiyaginoAsakura The US yuUKei Quartet :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 12 2 In Memoriam by MiyaginoAsakura In Memoriam :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 2 6 Chapter 20 by MiyaginoAsakura Chapter 20 :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 8 5 The Conspiracy by MiyaginoAsakura The Conspiracy :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 1 0 Excelsior by MiyaginoAsakura Excelsior :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 11 5 The Two Kings by MiyaginoAsakura The Two Kings :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 11 4 Nyo!USUK, USUK! by MiyaginoAsakura Nyo!USUK, USUK! :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 9 3 Ganbare! Piri-chan Kimi! by MiyaginoAsakura Ganbare! Piri-chan Kimi! :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 1 0 Yuki no Yaru by MiyaginoAsakura Yuki no Yaru :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 13 0 Zara and Sebastian by MiyaginoAsakura Zara and Sebastian :iconmiyaginoasakura:MiyaginoAsakura 5 5
These are... stuff.


Task  by florano Task :iconflorano:florano 204 55 Vital Regions by florano Vital Regions :iconflorano:florano 111 64 Immature  by florano Immature :iconflorano:florano 194 29 The Shipping by florano The Shipping :iconflorano:florano 256 44 Ask the Yaoi Club question 21 by Miryam123 Ask the Yaoi Club question 21 :iconmiryam123:Miryam123 46 24 Tea parties by florano Tea parties :iconflorano:florano 228 14 Be formal by florano Be formal :iconflorano:florano 348 34 Hetalia uptown funk by florano Hetalia uptown funk :iconflorano:florano 421 79 Burger by florano Burger :iconflorano:florano 231 28 Englan? by florano Englan? :iconflorano:florano 260 56 KagePro - Red Hero Ayano by rochichan KagePro - Red Hero Ayano :iconrochichan:rochichan 243 31 KagePro - Why? by rochichan KagePro - Why? :iconrochichan:rochichan 200 9 Kagepro - Stupid Trio by rochichan Kagepro - Stupid Trio :iconrochichan:rochichan 292 27
JubyPhonic P's Toumei Answer Lyrics
Running by all those arid days
Where each day is the same
Sitting alone just one desk too far away from sunlight
"Well, what are you waiting for?"
As if it's quizzing me
Batting an eye lash at that textbook with no answers
If you wanted to know my grades
I guess I'd say "The same."
I don't know why they make these tests so very easy
While you smiled at me timidly
You sat right next to me
Keeping a grin all while you held closely such a bad grade
Out beyond the sky, I just can't help but sigh
Maybe it's because I see the world for all it is
"Isn't that too sad? The world is much more fun! "
Back then, you always seemed so glad
I just can't take you
Playing with a heart that only wants to disappear
Once again, I can't find a thing that makes me want to remain here
Ringing in a tone that only whispers " You're a cruel and callous fool"
And even then...I know it's kinda true
So even if a miracle occurred and somehow answered all of this
Surley in ten or twenty seconds I could figure ju
:iconkisa-ragi:kisa-ragi 37 2
Warm Winter by Leaf-19 Warm Winter :iconleaf-19:Leaf-19 454 25 song-over : lost time weeping by parrareru song-over : lost time weeping :iconparrareru:parrareru 831 78



Shakespeare took over my life. 

It's too epic.Misaki-HairPull (Misaki Ayuzawa) 

There's so much yaoi. Noseblood (Baka to test) Billie Joe Sexual Tension LA EMOTE 

Whatever you do, DON'T SEND HELP. 


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I've been practicing drawing for nearly eight years. I have a lot of Fandoms, but my current one is Hetalia. I specialize in drawing anime. Yeah, that's pretty much my life.


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Happy Birthday bud
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Happy Birthday bud 
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